Walls To Inspire

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During our formative years, we all drew inspiration from some great achievers and legends whom we came to know about, read their remarkable stories and got the urge to move ahead. That’s how majority of us dream and shape our future even today.

Sadly though, there are around 20 million students in our government schools, who have no connect to any such achievers or personality in their daily lives. They therefore lack the motivation and confidence to chase big dreams in their lives.

Can we give them some source of inspiration and connect with the greatest of personalities who have lived in similar circumstances like them and then risen to unparalleled heights!

Yes we can 🙂

For a moment, let’s think about the blank and torn walls of the government schools that our students stare at daily. A simple and an affordable solution presents to us an amazing opportunity to give some life and spark to the walls and turn them into Walls that Inspire.

Walls to Inspire by GudSkool Foundation is a program offering multi-coloured display boards for the school walls with inspiring, interesting and engaging stories in local language around the life of great achievers who grew with similar roots like them.


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