Tablets for Schools


TABLAB is the most effective digital learning lab designed to excite your students for happy, proactive and experiential digital learning, With easy to handle touch n play tablets, interactive learning content and cloud based reporting  dashboard, TABLAB will empower your teachers to deliver personalised learning to each child without any hassles.

  • Tablets are pre-loaded with multiple categories of content-multimedia animations, Experiment & Project Videos, Digital Book Library and practice tests.
  • Customised content aligned to curriculum followed by your school for classes 1 to 12
  • Schools can choose content best suited for their children from our repository of free and paid content
  • Hassle free maintenance as Tablets are covered under standard company warranty
  • Secure learning tablets with no access to android or internet
  • Any Number of Tablets as per your choice
  • Android LMS designed for offline use
  • Pre Loaded SD Card
  • Storing tablets is not an issue anymore. Keep each tablet in its slot
  • Charge all devices simultaneously with just one switch
  • No worries on security as trolley comes with a secure lock
  • Can be customised as per the number of tablets