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Our STEM Lab is a one stop solution for all equipment, tools, material that students may require to make any project in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.

Key Features & Differentiators

  • STEM Lab Activity kits are completely linked to class wise topics in the school science curriculum.
  • All STEM experiments include assembly video, worksheets, assessment test on CCE Pattern.
  • Teachers can use the STEM Lab to make any teaching aid or working experiment for practical Science teaching.
  • Our STEM Lab becomes a world class research lab at the school to do any practical project, mechanical experiment & even school repair live by the students!

What it gives you?

STEM Lab -> Young Engineers

Your students get the best of tools and kits to conduct every science experiment they can think of, and our STEM Lab brings out the best of engineers and scientists in them!

Wide Range of DITY Kits & Science Projects

Uniquely designed STEM Science kits enable students to perform quick and regular experiments and create amazing live science projects with Do It Yourself Kits, greatly enhance their exposure to real practical science learning and application

Flying Careers in Science & Technology

Best of practical science learning makes your students truly capable of playing with science and becomes the starting point for immensely successful careers in Science, Technology and Research.


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More about STEM Labs?

Q1. What is a STEM Lab?

A1. STEM Lab is a combination of various tools, accessories, kits and interactive material which is specially designed to enable practical exploration in science and expose students towards every aspect of science and technology in schools.

The best of STEM Lab includes the below mentioned components:

  1. Mechanical Tools
  2. Electrical Accessories
  3. Electronic Hardware
  4. Programming Software
  5. STEM Kits

The above mentioned components create a fully equipped STEM Lab where your school students can perform every possible practical application of science and experience every step that goes into creating any physical model on any scientific principle.

Such an effective STEM lab becomes a place to bring all science concepts into physical reality, be it general physics, electricity, mechanics, basics of engineering and robotics technology, thereby nurturing young geniuses in your school who shall shape the future with their scientific knowledge.

A2. Yes. Robotics is an essential component of higher order STEM Lab and activities since Robotics defines all the mechanics related experiments and practical application of motion and motion related science concepts.

Simply speaking, a Robotics Lab is a subset of a STEM Lab which offers tools and experiments related to motion and mechanics, which has been popularized as Robotics Lab, specially since motion is one of the favorite science topic for mankind.

Many schools have separated STEM and Robotics Labs and offer both courses individually, which can also be done since both tools and experiments don’t overlap much, but conceptually STEM includes Robotics as a part of the Science curriculum it caters to.

We also offer the option to schools to procure either STEM Lab, Robotics Lab or both combined as a Premium STEM lab.