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To bring interactivity and enjoyment into Social Science and Geography Labs and learning, we have put together the best of World Class Social Science and Geography Lab for Schools.

Our Social Science Lab consists of International Quality Globes, Tools and Equipment combined with class wise manuals and lab video experiments. The tools and equipment is complimented by the most extensive set of Maps and Charts of world-class quality.

We also offer a unique combination of Geography Lab Software and Social Science Software for truly interactive and experiential learning in social science.

Key Features & Differentiators

  • Best Quality and Most Extensive Range of Globes, Experiment Tools and Display Equipment for World Class Geography Labs/Social Science Labs
  • Widest Range of Import Quality Charts and Maps for Social Science and Geography
  • Interactive and Highly engaging, activity based Geography Lab Software for great practical learning
  • Class wise Animations and Video Experiments on all topics of Social Science
  • Software games on geography for pro-active and enjoyable learning for students


What it gives you?

Truly Usable, World Class Social Science Lab

Having an Extensive range of social science tools and charts, curriculum aligned video experiments and interactive Geography lab software, our best of Social Science Lab shall give you a really usable and effective lab for practical learning in social sciences.

Real Life and Practical Geography Knowledge for your students

Our best of interactive Geography Lab Software, offers a beautiful way of practicing and exploring world geography and ensures that students understand, remember and relate the Geography Knowledge to real life application, thereby delivering meaningful learning.

Anytime, Anywhere Social Science Learning

With our Geography Games and social science software, students can play and practice anytime and anywhere from computers, to enjoy and expertise their Social Science and Geography Knowledge!


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More about Social Science Lab?

Q1. What is the relevance of social science labs or geography labs in schools?

A1. Social Sciences are subjects that are related to individual, spatial and societal development of the student. Therefore delivering practical knowledge of these subjects is a very important part of meaningful learning at schools. But in today’s career driven society, social sciences as a subject has deteriorated both in terms of its importance for the student and the learning methodologies being followed in our school education system. The result has been that social sciences learning, including history, civics and geography have become way too theoretical and
more of a textual compulsion for students.

Social Science Lab and Geography Lab is an attempt by the education governing bodies, pedagogy designers and school managements to bring back interactivity and engagement based learning in these subjects. Geography Lab conceptually is subset of the social science lab, which includes history and civics too. These labs were conceptualized to bring in live models, experiments and activities around geography, history and civics into schools and expose students to
practical applications and experience of these life sciences.

Off late, the school ecosystem has wakened up to the importance of social sciences and its practical application in human life and learning. Therefore, very effective hands-on and virtual lab tools are being designed to offer meaningful social science lab experiments. This has facilitated the design and setup of world-class social science labs in our schools, enabling the best of practical social science learning.

A2. The virtual components of social science lab includes games and activities around geography, history and in some cases civics too. For geography, there are extensive games, quizzes and activities around landforms, knowing the countries and parts of the world and literally on every topic in the geography curriculum for students to visualize, explore and know the subject in a real life like environment.

For history, the software takes the route of history games and movies, along with enjoyable multimedia around major events in history in order to excite and engage the student to the topic. Multimedia software plays a great role
in history learning since epic stories and historical events have been animated to enable an amazing view into various aspects of world history in the most entertaining manner.

These components play two major roles in the social science lab setup at schools:

a. Extensive range and exposure

The virtual labs offer a very wide range of activity and multimedia exposure to almost everything around history,
geography and civics. They serve beyond the physical limitation of models and tools.

b. Excite and Engage Students

We all know about our student’s ever-growing virtual games and ed-tech love. Virtual social science labs play a
every important role of engaging and exciting the students to explore this subject with much more interest and enjoyment, thereby leading to very impactful and retentive learning.

A3. This question comes up from a lot of schools, especially in cities where schools do have a space constraint. And the answer is yes for sure.

We support this thought from two perspectives.

  1. Schools who face shortage of rooms for labs should also be able to setup and offer best of practical learning in social sciences.
  2. Moreover, practical exposure has to slowly move beyond lab rooms and be available anywhere in the school.

If we look at it objectively, the core purpose of the social science lab is to offer practical exposure to students around all the three subjects of geography, history and civics. The lab delivers this via three main components:

  1. Physical models, kits and tools for hands-on exploration and experiments
  2. Virtual Software, multimedia and game based activities for virtual experiments
  3. Worksheets, manuals and activities

Therefore in order to combine labs in common rooms, a school should ensure that:

  1. These three components can be setup, stored and managed effectively in combination with other labs
  2. And the strength of school and layout allows session scheduling for all grade for both labs easily without compromising on regularity

In some international curriculums, lab corners are made in classrooms itself to facilitate regular and uninterrupted exploration along with theory. And we believe that if the vision of the school management and design of the school so
permits, then basic practical activities and introduction should be a part of classroom learning, and extend to labs for extensive experimentation.

Conceptually, all group activity based labs are similar in terms of structure, layout, furniture and usage plan. To be more specific, labs like the Math Lab and Robotics Lab are fundamentally similar to Social Science Labs. Therefore, in such situations, it is best to consider combining Social Science Lab or Geography lab with your hands-on math Lab or Robotics Lab.

In newly setup schools during their first or second session, combining labs makes a lot of sense since it leads to optimum use of hardware, furniture and rooms; reduces initial investment while offering best lab facilities from the
outset to students. They can slowly invest in new lab rooms when the school strength grows beyond optimum usage level.

Therefore, we conclude by saying that you can definitely combine your labs in common rooms at schools to derive optimum usage and we can help you do the same.

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