Travelling within Retreat by Gnostic Centre

Travelling Within, an onsite Retreat designed by The Gnostic Centre provides an opportunity to deepen an understanding of your self and your journey of life within the dynamic backdrop of India and its multifaceted culture. The program draws on the Indian concept of an Integral Science of Living. The Travelling Within program has a powerful and transformative design, innovative and individualised, where the participant is facilitated to come in touch with her/his mission and goals and develops an individualised theme to work on as a project which is presented at the end of the retreat to the group. The project provides a valuable tool to continue Travelling within after the program.

The difference between Religion and Spirituality, the meaning and understanding of Death, Wealth and Love.
You will enjoy the benefits of collaboration through group cooking with indigenous spices and herbs.
Celebrating Diversity, The importance of Beauty, the problem of Pain

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Q1. What is the Course about??

‘The Human Cycle’ is one of Sri Aurobindo’s major works on social and political thought. In this book, history and social development are seen through the prism of a natural evolution of both consciousness and forms. Tracing this evolution of the psychology of human societies, Sri Aurobindo offers an integral perspective for understanding the development of the past, leading up to the apparent confusion of the present, and pointing us to the spiritual possibilities and certainties of the future.

Anyone interested in the intersection of Evolution, Consciousness, and Social/Political Thought. The genius of this book lies in the manner it provides a profounder understanding of social development for a readership that is not assumed to have any prior familiarity with spiritual thought or practice. However, a broad sense of history – Ancient and Modern, Eastern and Western – will help us appreciate various references in the text. The course facilitator will address any lacunae in this regard through the online discussions and suggested readings.

A profounder understanding of history & social development through the prism of consciousness and evolution
An integral perspective on humanity’s past and present, and an insight into the spiritual possibilities of the future

The Course is divided into 3 Modules of 16 weeks each. Gap of 2-3 weeks between each module. Option to enrol for all or only specific modules.
Weekly online class (60-75 minutes) during which selections from the book will be explored and discussed together. 16 online classes per module.
Reading assignments will be given for every class.
One optional written assignment will be given at the end of every module.
Self-study, on average 4.5 hours per week.
An on-site session at the Gnostic Centre (Delhi) is proposed at the end of every module for those who may wish to attend in person.

Devdip Ganguli grew up at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education at Pondicherry (India), also known more simply as the ‘Ashram School’. After completing his studies in 2004, he joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram as a full-time resident. Since then he has been offering courses on the history, art, and culture of India, as well as on the social and political thought of Sri Aurobindo at the undergraduate level in the Ashram School. He also assists the trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in their administrative responsibilities.