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Our unique and interactive physics lab software is an amazing tool to create and play with all physics concepts at the click of a button.

The software has great features to create real life simulations, save them as multimedia scenes, play and replay them anytime and publish them online for future viewing into a global database of physics simulations, which are available to you too!

Key Features & Differentiators

  • The Physics Software offers extensive list of features to simulate physics in real world and visualize physics concepts practically giving a very powerful learning environment to your students
  • It becomes a playing field to apply, explore and play with all action-reactions of physics concepts at work!
  • Being a completely interactive, learning by doing software, it engages and excites the students to play and explore physics with real learning value

The best and the most attractive part of the solution, is that it is completely free!


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More about Physics Lab Software?

Q1. What is a physics software lab?

A1.Physics as a part of practical science is fundamental to most of the experimentation and research on the physical world, its operations, motion and dynamics. Effective learning in physics needs a lot of experimentation, research, exploration and interaction and therefore physics laboratories have been an integral part of schools, colleges and all research institutions.

A software lab for physics is a virtual empowerment and extension of hands on experimentation, with tremendous scope for physics concept simulation, iterations, creating physics scenarios, experiencing outcomes, changing coordinates and inputs and playing with outputs to get the desired results.

A software based physics lab is a great compliment to hands on physics laboratory since it removes the material, time and scope limitation and allows freely thought experimentation and research on physics to truly explore the real world possibilities through practical learning.

A physics software lab in short is an interactive software tool to create, run, explore, save and play on physics experiments anytime, anywhere.