One Tablet per child

BEST SUITED TABLET BASED LEARNING SOLUTION TO DELIVER LIFE SHAPING AND GROWTH ORIENTED LEARNING TO UNDERSERVED CHILDREN TABLAB is the most effective digital learning lab designed to solve all challenges faced by technology in government schools TABLAB complements the psychology of all stakeholders in underserved learning ecosystem thereby breaking open the barriers of regular usage and student engagement.

Key Features & Differentiators

  • multimedia animations, Experiment & Project Videos, Digital Book Library and practice tests
  • Customised content in local language and aligned to the state board curriculum for classes 1 to 12
  • Personalised Learning with Student wise Usage and Learning reports
  • Student wise usage & learning reports are stored offline on each tablet
  • Graphical reports for easy understanding and review
  • Customised Educational Tablets for Each Student
  • Online Multimedia Animation Content Library

What it gives you?

Secure learning tablets with no access to android or internet

Safe to use as each tablet comes with a screen guard and a protective book cover

Hassle free maintenance as Tablets are covered under standard company warranty

Extremely easy to manage hardware with no wiring, no software crashes

Storing tablets is not an issue anymore

No worries on security as trolley comes with a secure lock and Can be customised as per the number of tablets


Wish to consider for your school?

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More about TabLab?

Q1. How to Adopt Tablet Based Learning for your CSR Project / NGO?

1. Contact us at & speak with our TABLAB team.
2. We will share a set of video collaterals to give you a complete sense of TABLAB
3. If you build confidence in adopting TABLAB, speak to our team to resolve all your queries
4. Our team shall help you understand the best suited TABLAB model for your school and share an official quotation
5. Upon your approval, our team will plan and set up TABLAB as per mutually agreed upon schedule

1. 3 to 5 years of regular outreach, learning outcomes, and incremental impact potential to a large number of students with an affordable, one time CSR investment
2. Helps thousands of students enjoy personalised learning in their language, thereby building
Stuaddeneptsconnect with your brand
3. These students become messengers of digital literacy to their community creating further widespread impact for the funder’s brand.
4.TabLab is a plug n play, scalable CSR project, which can be reused at any school ensuring sustained social ROI

1. Excites them for learning and growth with multiple categories of content in their language
2. TabLab improves their academic performance with personalised, non judgemental and remedial learning
3. TabLab is uniquely designed to let students access content of junior classes and cover up their historical learning gaps

1. Teachers happily adopt TabLab due to reduced operational burden and enhanced productivity
2. It becomes a personal assistant to teachers and helps them continue teaching in all situations that can happen in government schools
3. Increases student engagement and attention in classrooms bringing them peace of mind and desired learning outcomes