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With a lot of school specific research we have specially designed a Hands-on Math Lab which is usable, effective and compliments the teacher’s classroom teaching with linked experiments for every topic.

Key Features & Differentiators

  • Most extensive range of International Standards & Import Quality Instruments
  • First Math Lab in India which is 100% linked to Class-wise Curriculum to simplify teacher’s role andcompliment classroom teaching
  • Class wise manuals and a ready worksheet for every experiment to greatly enhance regular usage
  • Special Math Lab training support and Lab Design services

What it gives you?

Inspired Teachers -> 5X Usage

Teachers get ready to use Math Lab Activities and Worksheets, it makes their job simpler and they conduct much more activities than ever before, gaining active involvement from their students.

Students love Mathematics

With interesting and engaging Math Practicals happening regularly, your students fall in love with mathematics and become excited to learn with greater self interest and enjoyment.

Marked Improvement in Math Performance

Experential Learning converts theoretical concepts into meaningful and application based knowledge and leads to tremendous improvement in the overall Math Performance of your students.


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More about Math Labs?

Q1. What are the components that make a truly usable and effective Math Lab?

A1. If you have the intent of offering the best of practical learning to your students andsetup an exemplary Math Lab, We would surely love to help you with the best of Math Lab setup constitutes the below mentioned components:

  1. Suitably designed Lab Ambience – which inspires enjoyable creativity
  2. Smart Infrastructure – which enables seamless usage for all students
  3. Best Quality Math Lab Tools and Software – which offers the best of practical learning
  4. Detailed Usage Support – which enables quick and regular usage for all grades

From our perspective, we offer complimentary consulting and guidance in the first two components, that is the Lab Design and Infrastructure to the
school. You can contact us and we shall try our best to help your school in designing a world class Math Lab and its layout and infrastructure. We
do this since we have a vision of enabling the best of practical Math Learning at every school and therefore we don’t charge for this. It’s totally
free even if you don’t wish to procure anything from us.

We offer the best of solutions in the other two components, the Math Lab Tools and Software and complete usage support with them. You can consider
evaluating our Math Lab solutions. Leave your details here and we shall call you back to share the information on the products.

Q2. Historically, why have Math Labs not been used very effectively in our schools?

A2. Even we were bothered by this question when we started working on practical applicationbased Math Labs. Before putting our best of Math Lab together for schools, we researched as to why have typical Math Labs in schools been just aneyewash for CBSE, uninvolved parents and suffering students, even when mathematics being the most practical, life impacting subject being taught?

Teachers told us:

  1. Another burden! The Math lab becomes a burden for us instead of reducing our workload. We have to plan an activity for everyclass for every topic with those items lying their in the closet. Are you kidding? Let it lie in the closet and we can very well fake usage
  2. Where are the activities? Do you think with the FAs, regular classes and corrections, we are that free to first spend hours inlearning how every of your tools in the Math Lab have to be used and then plan an activity around it? In your dreams.
  3. Trainer Dependent – Those one or two training sessions are of no use. Only the management feels happy thinking they got ustrained. We need usage centric training and precisely when we are actually using it!

Students said:

  1. Just a Showpiece. For us the Math Lab has also become a concept. A paradox. Something which is meant for practical learning is aconcept in itself.
  2. We love the thought though The concept of us learning math by playing and exploring with interesting tools and equipment is alovely thought though. We are so scared of this subject, that if some Math Lab can really make us practical learn it, we would just simply love it!
  3. We wish to learn math practically! we wish that our school and teachers make us enjoy math learning with a Math Lab that trulyworks.

Our Students have been the real losers in this.

What we realized was that most of the math labs available don’t focus on quick and easy, regular usage and “how to” part. How the instruments correlate to the concept, how can teachers effortlessly conduct activities regularly for every grade students.

We have tried our best to answer the concerns of our Math teachers and therefore fulfill the wish of our loving students, to give them a best in class, truly working and effective Math Lab for World Class experiential learning!

Q3. What are the best systems available today to offer enjoyable practical learning in Math Labs?

A3. The Math Labs today have matured into purely experiential, activity based learning spaces for the students to do, enjoy and learn application of math concepts.The Math labs today are a synchronized combination of three components of lab learning:

  1. Software based Virtual labs with activities on all topics and concepts for an enjoyable lab experience
  2. Best of Math lab instruments for hands on introduction and lab experiments
  3. Class wise training manuals with observation sheets for every experiment for effective usage

You can choose between either of the first two components too, or procure both depending upon your budget constraints and/or based on your school’s
orientation towards hands-on, digital and/or both. With these three components, the entire learning process in mathematics is synchronized for the
student to see, understand, do and enjoy applying mathematics in real life.

Q4. What all should be considered during planning and design stage, to setup a truly effective and easy to use Maths Lab at our school?

A4. We strongly believe that appropriate planning and design of the Math lab infrastructure and layout, plays a very major role in its success or failure. Also, since it’s a one-time effort and investment, it is important to plan the math lab
design very well before execution and setup.Hence, if you are planning to setup a truly effective Math Lab in your school, we hereby list down brief about the crucial components that go into designing one! For the scope of this query, we shall simply compile a list of all that goes into a world class Hands-on Maths Lab setup. Also, we are not going into virtual Math Labs, and Math Lab Activity Software here. It is purely about designing a hands-on, physical kits based Math lab. (we are using some images to depict suggestive designs)
What All Is Needed?
Lets list out and elaborate on all the basic components that go into a well-designed math lab.

  1. Math Lab Furniture
    One of the most important components of a Math Lab, the furniture needs to be such that it ensures regular ease of use and gives a safe and managed storage for the tools, kits and instruments. Typically, the Lab furniture includes:Student Tables and ChairsThe Hands-on Math Lab sitting needs to be a group activity enabler and therefore we have seen options like:

    • Colorful Group tables and low lying chairs or stools
    • Low-Lying Group tables with carpeted floor for sitting (no chairs/stools)
    • High Group tables for standing activities (no chairs/stools)

    Either of the setup, the core purpose is to ensure that the students shall be able to collaborate and perform the math lab activities as a group with ease. Another thing. Since the table/chairs take the maximum space in the Math Lab, they better be colorful and immensely beautiful to capture the child’s heart.

    This is where the importance of designing the best of Math Lab storage kicks in.

    The right kind of Math Lab storage can offer great support to the Math Lab user in effective and regular use and reuse.

    Some different types of storage seen in math labs are:

    • Vertical, Glass front Cabinets standing in a corner in the Math lab
    • Horizontal Wall to Wall Cabinets at 5 ft height on one of the walls
    • Horizontal Wall to Wall Cabinets on the ground with table top for display

    Whatever the storage design, one very important thing we learnt was, that a list of all the kits and tools in the cabinets, should be printed and pasted on every cabinet, to ensure that every grade math lab teacher can find the needed tool post easily and quickly!

    Additionally, since kits and tools are the things that add most excitement to the math lab, its better to have some sort of visual display and therefore glass front cabinets are best suited.

  2. Teacher Computer with ProjectorWhen it comes to regular usage in a Math Lab, instructional delivery equally to all students is a major issue for the teacher, aptly solved by multimedia. computer connected to a projector, helps the faculty to easily demonstrate the steps involved, play interesting videos on math lab experiments, and demonstrate various activities via multimedia and animations.
  3. Interior Design and Math Lab BeautificationThe Math Lab ambience truly makes a world of difference in exciting and encouraging students to play and enjoy mathematics. We can beautify the Math
    lab using various interesting ways like:

    • Colorful Wall papers in themes around mathematics
    • Pin up Soft boards to display interesting math lab experiments done by students
    • Printed Maths Lab Display Boards and Charts
    • The school can also choose to paint the walls, ceiling and the floors in different math themes, the way NIIT tried, although add on boards offer
      flexibility of re-design and freshness!

    You can choose between either of the first two components too, or procure both depending upon your budget constraints and/or based on your school’s orientation towards hands-on, digital and/or both. With these three components, the entire learning process in mathematics is synchronized for the student to see, understand, do and enjoy applying mathematics in real life.

  4. Math Lab Kits and Instructional SoftwareFinally, the most fundamental component, the best of math lab instruments coupled with instructional Math lab software are needed for students to delve into the world of practical and enjoyable math learning.

    Some suggested components for Math Lab kits and Software are:

    • Math Lab Instruments and Kits
    • Lab Instructional Software with experiment videos and activities
    • Printed Math Lab Manuals and worksheets

    This pretty much sums up the basic list of components, which if aptly put together, can create a wonderful and effective Math Lab experience for your students’ every day, and thereby raise the level of math learning to an altogether different plain at your school!