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Our English Language Lab Software is a specially designed solution for schools in India. It is an interactive software for effective learning and skill enhancement in English Language. The language lab software offers learning in practical aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a personal yet guided environment to the students.

It offers extensive practical experience and language lab learning in:

  • Pronunciation and MTI Removal
  • Functional Grammar
  • Writing and Speaking Skills with record/comparison
  • Listening and Comprehensions

Key Features & Differentiators

  • Ours is the first of its kind, class wise language lab for grades 1st to 10th
  • The language lab will practically remove all social and psychological barriers in learning fluent spoken english
  • Best of grammar games and enjoyable interactive learning will make your students fall in love with English learning!

What it gives you?

Accelerated Learning

The language lab will practically remove all social and psychological barriers in learning fluent spoken English. Students open up, try and enjoy two way learning practice which leads to proactive and regular usge

Students say – English is Fun!

Best of grammar games and enjoyable interactive learning will make your students fall in love with learning English practically!

Speaking Skills and Personality Development

The practical approach towards English learning via English language lab leads to great improvement in the spoken English skills and overall personality of your school students, making them future ready for the best of careers and life ahead.


Wish to consider for your school?

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More about English Language Labs?

Q1.What is the difference between the erstwhile console based and the new age computer based software language lab?

A1. This is the most frequently asked question and rightly so since a lot of schools had setup the older analog, console based language labs with listening devices and headphones.

Those older systems have been outdated long back due to their very limited value, and the audio channeling, which they did, is something every computer now does for free.

The real value that a language lab adds to a student is virtual, two-way interactive learning that happens by the lab software with instant recording.

With maturity of the lab segment in schools, an important thing for schools is to realize that a computer with a headphone is a complete multimedia, interactive device and that is all that you need in a lab of any skill/subject. The computer is a long term positive investment that a school should do to facilitate one-to-one interactive learning in labs. This can also extend to the option of a tablet/laptop depending upon the school’s vision for use of technology and hardware in the future.

A2.The focus of the language lab is to do two things:

  1. Guide the students on how to use English correctly
  2. To make them use, practice and explore it extensively

So, the lab gives them an experiential environment to first know how to use every aspect of English practically, then try, experiment, improve and finally practice relentlessly to make English language a part of their lifestyle.

The biggest barriers in a student’s learning are the inhibitions/fears in trying, asking for the right way, practicing and improving. That is where the lab comes in.

The language lab is a personal learning space, which gives the student the right guidance on how to learn, freedom to experiment, speak, write and record, and practice unlimited times to overcome the issues in speaking good English.

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